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German all-female pop group formed 2008, disbanded 2013.

Participations: 3
Representing: Germany
Best result: 21st

43. Stiletto heels / 21st place
64. Too young / DNF
96. No smoke / DNQ

   Quentin Elias

French singer, actor and model of Algerian descent born 1974 in Mende, France, died 2014.

Participations: 2
Representing: Algeria
Best result: 22nd

75. So far / 22nd place
111. What's done is done / DNQ

   Quentin Mosimann

Swiss DJ of French descent born 1988 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Participations: 1
Representing: Algeria*
Best result: Bronze Medal

78. All alone / Bronze Medal - with Sheryfa Luna

  Quest Pistols

Ukrainian pop-rock band formed 2007.

Participations: 1
Representing: Ukraine
Best result: DNQ

113. Santa Lucia / DNQ